About the product: Sinupret is an herbal medicine for inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. The extract of five plants dissolves the mucus that causes the congested nose to swell.


A long time ago, Bionorica village was the happiest place on earth. Everyone wanted to live there. Water was pure and crystalline. Flowers had the brightest colours and most amazing fragrances. People were friendly and gentle, and the village was even famous for having exceptional food, whom smells impregnated the streets at noon and dinnertime. Every day, hundreds of visitors arrived in the Bionorica village to explore its wonders.

Everything was going well when, suddenly, from one day to the next, strange things started to happen in Bionorica. Flowers began to lose their characteristic smell. The taste of their extraordinary food was almost imperceptible. The air around the town lost its freshness, becoming so dense it became difficult to breathe.

The strangest thing happened to one of the humble inhabitants of Bionorica when he woke up. Still half-slept, he looked himself in the mirror, and, as if it were a horror movie, he discovered something utterly unfamiliar just in between his two eyes. Something that had never been there. Something he had never seen before. A big green nose.

It was not the only case of green nose among the neighbours of Bionorica. As the days went by, other inhabitants got up from bed with a big green nose on their faces. Everybody was terrified. Nobody had an answer about what was going on. A green nose plague had begun.

To all effects, this was a paranormal event. Even worse, the big green noses were not the only problem for the inhabitants of Bionorica. Their voices had also changed, becoming little more than faint sounds thrown to the wind.

A rumour spread among Bionorica villagers. Sorcerers from the hillside opposite the town had charmed the place. They were jealous of the beauty and happiness of the Bionorica Village, and they had sent the big green nose plague to punish them.

Dark and grey years went by in Bionorica. The past joys almost were forgotten.

One day, one of the villagers, Pret, fed up with the situation, decided it was time to confront all those big green noses. It was time to leave the town in a quest for a cure that would restore the beauty and joy to his beloved Bionorica. However, despite its courage, the brave villager had no clue where to begin.

One of his relatives told him that Sinus, the Botanist of Bionorica, was famous for his ointments. Perhaps, the old Sinus would know what to do and would help him find a solution for the curse of big green noses.

The villager did not hesitate. He ran as fast as he could through the forest until he found the small, torn cabin of Sinus, the Botanist of the Bionorica. Our hero knocked unconvinced on the wooden door of the cabin. After a few seconds of silent, the door opened quietly, and the figure of an elder man emerged from the dark interior. β€œCome in, young Pret!” – said Sinus – β€œMake yourself comfortable.”

After many hours talking by the fire, and keeping up with some rambling comments from Sinus, the old botanist revealed our hero a book containing what an ancient oracle had predicted thousands of years ago.

The prophecy was written in an ancient language unknown to Pret. Fortunately, Sinus was old enough to read and speak it. The prediction said that five magical plants could be the solution to the terrible evil of big green noses that were devastating the village. These five plants were:

- Gentiana Lutea
- Primula Officinalis
- Rumex Acetosa
- Sambucus Nigra
- Verbena Officinalis

Five adventures to locate these plants would mark the path for our hero villager, Pret, to save Bionorica and restore its health – with the invaluable help of the old Sinus.

Adventure One - Gentiana Lutea

Adventure Two - Primula Officinalis

Adventure Three - Rumex Acetosa

Adventure Four - Sambucus Nigra

Adventure Five - Verbena Officinalis - End



When Pret found the last plant, Verbena Officinalis, he could not believe it! It seemed so long time ago since his quest began. At last, he could free his fellow villagers from the curse of the big green noses! The greyness and despair would soon be turned into an old legend.

He ran to the village, and when he arrived, sitting on a massive rock at the entrance of the town, there was old Sinus waiting for him. There was no time to lose; finally, the villagers would return to live happily in Bionorica.

They placed a large pot in the main square. Filled it with water and lighted a small fire underneath. As if they were following the rhythm of a forgotten song, they added one by one all the five plants Pret had collected during his adventures: Gentiana Lutea, Primula Officinalis, Rumex Acetosa Sambucus Nigra, Verbena Officinalis.

After careful preparation, the magical potion was ready for all the neighbours of Bionorica to take it. They called this potion Sinupret, in honour of both names.

The most courageous one rushed in to taste it. Sinus gave him a small portion, and he swiftly applied it to his nose. The crowd that had gathered around the pot awaited with expectation, but nothing happened. After a moment of doubt, the villager started to breathe more easily, its voice sounded a little bit stronger, and he could even guess the presence of flowers in the square. A roar of happiness and relief broke the silence, and all the neighbours of Bionorica awaited their turn to receive their portion of the solution.

After a few days, all the big green nose had disappeared. The village regained the joy that characterised it. The flowers spread their fragrances. The food recovered its unique flavours, and its smell flooded the streets of the town. And happiness returned to each villager. It was time to celebrate in Bionorica village. Everything had returned to its place.

Now, you do not need to travel the world to make things happen. Just open the box.