🌞️ Award- Top ten finalist VERSUS 2014 - Creative Director Club (Spain)

About the brand: Oxoki is a brand of customizable urban design bicycles. Make their website known and get new bicycle users.

The use of bicycles in the city has gradually spread. Bicycles users have become increasingly demanding, and each time ask for more. They are looking for an identity.

Bicycles have developed an "Urban Style" with its own language. Bicycles have become a new insignia of lifestyle in the city, growing more and more personalized. OXOKI provides bicycles with your own personal style. There will be no identical bicycle on the road.

As a bicycle user, you will no longer choose and buy just another bike. You will take part in its creation and customization according to your personal taste, emotional meaning, or memories. During the creation process, you will be able to choose different colors for the various elements of your bicycle. At the end of the process, you will not get a simple bicycle but a piece of art.


We will produce a series of posters in which images of emblematic places of the different areas of the city will appear. These pictures will appear pixelated to emulate the same colour palette that we can find on the OXOKI Website. On the left side of the poster, we will rename the colour Pantone applying the name of that place.

We can also find a QR code on the poster. Its function will be to reveal the real picture of the part of the city hiding behind the pixelated image. After that, you will be redirected to the OXOKI website where you can collect these images to win your own OXOKI bicycle.


The city is full of colour. Every element of everyday life become like OXOKI bikes. OXOKI comes to the city to break the rules. OXOKI is the new urban fever that spreads through the city.


We will implement another interesting option on the OXOKI Website. As a bicycle user, you will be able to upload your photos to the OXOKI Website for generating your own personal palette of Pantone colours. After uploading your photos, these will be shown pixelated. Later, you will be able to apply the colours during the creation of your bicycle.

Example. As a user, you can upload a photo of an important moment of your life, the colours of your favorite Bauhaus art piece or a Rolling Stones album cover. The possibilities are unlimited. The colours will come alive to become part of your OXOKI bycicle.


Every time you customize your bicycle, you are creating art, a personal lifestyle. OXOKI will integrate another section in the Website: The OXOKI urban bicycle gallery. This section will show the creations of a big network of urban bicycle artists where everybody can participate. In this online gallery, you will be able to show your own OXOKI bicycle design proposals. The designs will appear with "OXOKI + Design Name + Name of the artist".


OXOKI game based on the game of noughts and crosses. When you win, you make an OXO point. You can use these points for discounts and promotions.