About the organisation: Malayaka House is a NGO that provides a safe home to the Ugandan children. They provides education and vocational training programs to help them to start a new life. The older children work on sew sandals that sell in Spain, USA or Germany. The benefits of these sales help toraise funds for the shelter.

The focus of this action was to generate an emotional connection with the person who acquieres the sandals. Through the customization of the sandals, I wanted to short the distance. 

The idea was to customise the sandals. First, engraving the name of the children on the left side of the sandal shoe, the side of the heart. Second, engraving the name of the person who buys the sandal shoe on the right side, the side of the head.

The person who acquires the sandals will be always near to the children. They always will walk together shortening the distance.