About the brand: Hürlimann bier is a Swiss Beer brand that promised not to improve the recipe in the future because his beer was already good 180 years ago.

There are good things that you can not change. Things that give Zurich its character. Things that are worthy of protection. Why do something good better? That is why Hürlimann Bier launched "Besser wird’s nüme", initiative that the residents of Zurich can now protect exactly the little things that constitutes Zurich.

The submitted proposals are discussed and evaluated by the people at the Stammtisch and on Socialmedia. And the most popular ideas ultimately protected by Hürlimann. So that Zurich just remains Zurich.

Hürlimann bier received more than 29 proposals and more than 4,800 votes shortlisted at Besserwirdsnüme.ch. These were some of the winner proposals to protect: